Made in the West Film Festival 2021

Made in the West is a grassroots film festival run by local filmmakers in Western Sydney and features short films and videos made by independent filmmakers and students from the west. Now in its 10th year, the festival remains the only celebration of its kind, dedicated entirely to Western Sydney film talent and promoting locally made films on the big screen. The client needed campaign collateral to promote the 2021 event.

Outcomes: visual identity, poster design, digital assets    

Designers: Tia MacGillivray (designer of chosen work as shown), Ifrah Ansari, Max Ashcroft-Smith, Harrison Bell, Peter Chau, Kai Huang, Allyson Issa, Noora Naim, Tracy Phan, Ariel Pineda, Goran Stojanovski, Angela Tao, Hrim Thakore