WSU Mental Health & Wellbeing

WSU was the first Australian university to establish a mental health and wellbeing strategy. The WSU Mental Health & Wellbeing Team (MHWBT) has various functions, including mental health and wellbeing promotion, prevention, early identification of needs and responding to complex issues and risk. Working with the studio in Autumn reinforced the need for MHWBT to have its own identity to increase the visibility of their important and diverse work. 

Outcomes: visual identity, style guide, poster design

Designers:  Anna-Marie Kwayke (designer of chosen work as shown), Gabriella Abella, Ana Akrapovic, Amie Aquino, Jeanette D’Cunha, Kate Edgecombe, Meg Flavell, Ali Haydar, Zoe Mathioudakis, Tyrone Morgan, Kirsten Nugal, Melanie Phommasouk, Nikki Sandaga, Natalie Veljanovska, Jennifer Vo, Jingwen Ye