Global Media Journal - Australian Edition - ISSN 1550 7521

Volume 4, Issue 2: 2010

Interventions and Intersections:
Papers from the School of Communication Arts Postgraduate Conference June 2010



Hart Cohen

Guest Editorial
Dr Rachel Morley

Refereed Papers

Google Earth and the Business of Compassion
Catherine Summerhayes – Australian National University


“This is Our Culture, Only for Ourselves. Thank You for Being Interested”: Kodava Song and the Public Non-assertion of Difference
John Napier – University of New South Wales
John Napier


Writing In and On the Margins
Helen Armstrong – Professor Emeritus, Landscape Architecture, Queensland University of Technology & Adjunct Professor, Centre for Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney


The Women of Dolours: Sunday’s Well & Lifting the Shroud of Silence Best HDR Paper
Kellie Greene – University of Western Sydney


“One Movie, Two Versions”: Post-1997 Hong Kong Cinema in Mainland China
Hilary Hongjin HE – University of Western Sydney


Knowing It When You (don’t) See It: Mapping the Pornographic Child in Order to Diffuse the Paedophilic Gaze
Adam Stapleton – University of Western Sydney


“Does It Still Feel Real? ” — Documentary as Media, Market and Message 1980—2010
Tim Schwab – Concordia University


Andy Marlow in Conversation with Maryella Hatfield
Andy Marlow – University of New South Wales


Postgraduate Submissions

Interpreting Tongan Mythology for Contemporary Youth Best Honours Paper
Netane Siuhengalu — University of Western Sydney


Translating Gender from Anime to Music
Paul Smith — University of Western Sydney


Life as Metamorphosis: Exchanges between Biotechnology and Science Fiction
Lisa Dowdall — University of Western Sydney


A Pilot Study into Interactive Music Systems for Distraction and Play Techniques for Adolescents
Samantha Ewart — University of Western Sydney


Within an Illustrated Box: Ontology of a Photography in Demise.
An Extract from the Exegesis "Photography: the Dominant Aesthetic
David Cubby — University of Western Sydney

Book Reviews

Cover -Smith & Rodgers Smith, Hazel and Roger T. Dean (Editors) — Practice-led Research, Research-led Practice in the Creative Arts
Reviewed by Hart Cohen — University of Western Sydney


Cover_ Erica Falk Erica Falk — Women for President: Media Bias in Nine Campaigns
Reviewed by Peta Hinton — University of New South Wales


Cover Milissa Deitz — Watch This Space: The Future of Australian Journalism
Reviewed by Lisa Lynch — Concordia University


Cover Oprah Kitty Kelley — Oprah: A Biography
Reviewed by Walter Mason — University of Western Sydney


Anthony DiMaggio — When Media Goes to War
Reviewed by Teodora-Crisia Miroiu — University of Sydney


Film Reviews

Monsters Poster Monsters
Reviewed by Iqbal Barkat — University of Western Sydney